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Snake Plant, Mother-in-law Tongue [Download PDF]

One of the most indestructible of all houseplants. A great choice for a beginner or someone who tends to neglect their plants. This tough plant can handle just about anything you can dish out, except too much water. Many varieties and variegations are available, but the most commonly seen are solid green and yellow edged varieties. Plants have thick tubular roots that send up new shoots (leaves) from their base. If given sufficient light, it's also quite common to see spiky, unusual, white flowers each year in the early spring. New rounded leaf varieties are starting to appear, with very unusual, cylindrical shaped leaves fanning out from the heart of the plant ending in points. All varieties are best grown in well drained soil and clay pots, as they detest wet, soggy conditions around their roots.

Perhaps the most adaptable of all houseplants with regards to light requirements. This plant can survive very low light conditions through full sun.

Average water during the spring and summer or if plant is being grown in strong light. Less water during winter and under lower light conditions.

No special needs.
Fertilize regularly with standard houseplant formula.
Standard good quality potting soil.
Average warm home temperatures. Minimum of 50 degrees in winter.


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